Services By Agent Model

Regardless of which type of agent you are, we offer customized solutions to support your business model and allow you to focus more of your time selling and generating revenue.   You do the selling, we can provide the leads, the systems and the personnel to make sure your orders get installed and paid!  See descriptions of our value proposition for each agent type to learn more. 

Master Agents

We partner with many master agents across the country and can work directly with your agents or entirely behind the scenes. Our goal is to lower your costs and increase your ability to recruit agents by providing all the necessary support systems for product information, quoting, provisioning and commission reconciliation so you can focus on recruiting of new partners. Our systems are home grown and specifically designed to support your agent channel, your custom strategies and your agent’s unique business models. All services available to our non master model agents are available to your agents.  In addition, we can also support  door to door and call center models that most master agents cannot.  allowing   you to recruit and support such models in coordination with us.  Below are some key services we can provide to you and your agents.

  • Leads prequalified for a carrier’s services VG has a vast database of business customers as well as tools to instantly qualify customers for many services.    

  • Programs that pay up front and/or residually  We offer lucrative up front commission programs as well as residual programs, many of which are evergreen.

  • Automated quote processing and tracking systems We utilize proprietary custom designed web applications to provide you with cutting edge systems for automated quote and order processing and tracking.

  • Free  private label web sites for your customers to obtain quotes   Including the ability to flag and disposition all opportunities with CRM tools built by our IT team.

  • Business development consulting   Our agent managers provide training on strengths and weaknesses of every carrier and product offerings, as well as help you to optimize your financial return on your business opportunities.

  • Relationships with managed service providers   These providers can give you a major edge in competing for new customer opportunities by offering an array of services the customer cannot get directlythat are guaranteed to provide customer savings on the cost of telecom services, time spent paying bills, auditing pricing and contract compliance and will provide a single point of contact for all trouble tickets and MACD (moves, adds, changes and deletes) activity.

  • Wireless services solutions   We have a solution that is easy to sell and requires little knowledge or training to present. Our managed service provider partner options allow customers to optimize and inventory their wireless services, save money and implement full mobile device management. You present the basic concepts to the customer. The MSP does the rest.