About Us

VentureGroup (VG) was formed in 1992 with a unique value proposition for both the telecommunications agent and the carrier community.  VG creates a collaborative environment allowing agents and carriers to do business together more efficiently and profitably than if they were to work directly with one another.   VG focuses on creating highly scalable automated back-end systems and associated processes to allow agents and carriers to more easily interact.




How We Help Agents

AGENTS can partner with VG on all or just some of our many programs, as best meets their business needs.  VG eliminates the need to negotiate a contract with every carrier, produce enough business to reach a commitment level, or struggle with learning the carrier’s products, processes, compensation plans and related compensation systems and how to make all those work.  Without sufficient volume, an agent will often struggle with the pooled environment carriers use to support agents.   Even large master agents can struggle with the complexity of a carrier’s systems and processes.VG enables the agent to focus more on sales of network service and managed services, and less on back-end processes.   For more information, please visit the Agent Solutions section of our website.

How We Help Carriers

Many CARRIERS find it expensive and challenging to provide support personnel and systems to run an agent channel.   VG  allows carrier partners to outsource some or all of the channel management and support functions to us.   We can provide the platform, personnel and systems to help take on much of the agent support while interfacing seamlessly with internal teams so that both the agent and the carrier program operate in an optimized way.  Carriers and agents both benefit through accelerated revenue growth at lower cost in this outsourced (fully or partially) model.   VG seeks a genuine long-term partnership with both agents and carriers.  For more information on the services we can provide to a carrier, see the Carrier Solutions section of our website.