Carrier Solutions

VG offers a wide array of services to its carrier partners that go well beyond providing a large nationwide network of agents to sell your services through automated quoting and ordering systems.   We offer services that can be used to automate and scale your alternate channel programs while reducing your total cost.   VG can provide any component of its systems and capabilities to a carrier as a vendor, even if we do not have an agency relationship.

Consulting Services

VG is an operator and manager of all facets of a wide variety of agent programs.  Accordingly, we understand both the needs of the carriers and their agents and we know what will work with agents and customers from actual experience.  We make recommendations, but more importantly, have the capacity to actually implement them in the marketplace. With 20 years of experience, we can advise on all facets of sales and implementation processes to boost revenue and reduce costs.   Our consulting services include:


  • Advice on marketing and promotions to generate the best response at the lowest costs.
  • Advice regarding optimal compensation strategies.
  • Design and/or create systems and platforms needed to accomplish company objectives.
  • Advice on how to streamline order provisioning and status updating processes.
  • Identification of agent types best suited to the program that you wish to offer.