Carrier Solutions

VG offers a wide array of services to its carrier partners that go well beyond providing a large nationwide network of agents to sell your services through automated quoting and ordering systems.   We offer services that can be used to automate and scale your alternate channel programs while reducing your total cost.   VG can provide any component of its systems and capabilities to a carrier as a vendor, even if we do not have an agency relationship.

Total Outsourcing Solutions

Some carriers outsource all, or large components, of their agent program to VG including the development of the entire platform for quoting, ordering, statusing, commission reconciliation, back-end provisioning and work-flow management as well as providing any necessary provisioning personnel.   In our end to end model, a carrier outsources its entire agent channel to us to handle the above functions.  In this scenario, we handle all facets of the life cycle of the alternate channel, from recruiting and training agents, providing all support staff, creating and maintaining the order management and quote platform, providing the personnel to provision the orders into any back end systems that a carrier has.  We have the ability to use API’s to pass data electronically.  We also can create the platform to reconcile compensation for the program.   If necessary, we have the capability to invoice for the program’s compensation based on agreed upon parameters.   We VG has provided this solution to a number of very large carriers that have outsourced all new channel development for master agents, telesales and door to door channels with tremendous success.