Services By Agent Model

Regardless of which type of agent you are, we offer customized solutions to support your business model and allow you to focus more of your time selling and generating revenue.   You do the selling, we can provide the leads, the systems and the personnel to make sure your orders get installed and paid!  See descriptions of our value proposition for each agent type to learn more. 

Call Centers

VG’s service and the profitability of our call center partners is unparalleled in the industry.   We are known for producing high quality programs with long life cycles.   All of our programs are first tested internally with our personnel to determine profitability as well as to ensure all systems and processes work.   We test out all program fundamentals including lead quality, SPH conversion rates, provisioning processes and install rates, and payment timing and reconciliation.  We develop custom ordering, status tracking and commission reconciliation systems for each program.  You can measure performance and pay your personnel from the information in our system based on submitted revenue, completed revenue and/or paid revenue.  Our team will perform all compensation reconciliation functions for call center partners to ensure accurate payment.    




  • VG can provide prequalified leads along with scripting and training on techniques and processes that have proven effective in getting high close rates.   We will provide you the road map for how to make the program successful from the beginning.    


  • Some master agents are little more than a commission conduit selling a sales code.   They offer little more than access to a carrier program and payment on whatever commissions they receive they can track back to you.  Little is provided in the way of systems, personnel or resources to audit the compensation paid or help you to ensure orders get installed and opportunities are maximized.   Our model is the opposite.   We are heavily involved in the success of your organization.  We will provide the training, systems, scripting and support to make our programs successful for you and the resources necessary to ensure very high completion rates and accurate payment on orders.     


  • VG is only looking to partner with call center organizations of the highest ethical caliber.  We have a reputation for running clean programs that enjoy long life cycles.   With our reputation for honest business practices combined with strong quality control, all partners benefit collectively as we are allowed access to systems and use of processes often unavailable to other partners.  Better systems capability leads to lower costs, higher sales and better provisioning rates, all of which lead to much higher profits for you.