Services By Agent Model

Regardless of which type of agent you are, we offer customized solutions to support your business model and allow you to focus more of your time selling and generating revenue.   You do the selling, we can provide the leads, the systems and the personnel to make sure your orders get installed and paid!  See descriptions of our value proposition for each agent type to learn more. 

Phone/Equipment Vendors

For many phone and equipment vendors, selling telecommunications services is not a core part of their business.   However, customers expect you to know what carriers would provide a good value, so the opportunity to profit while helping your customer is there.   We can help you create savings on your customer’s telecommunications services to help your customer fund the purchase of new equipment - helping to drive your core business while earning commissions on the telecommunication services purchased.   You can present solutions directly to your customer or you can refer those leads to our team and we’ll lead the sales and support while you will still earn commissions through our referral model.   We can support you directly or indirectly on any opportunity of any size.   We make it easy for you to quote pricing, implement solutions and identify and track compensation down to the rep level.   We offer either residual commissions or all upfront compensation, as best suits your business needs.  Below are some key services we can provide to you and your agents.  

  • Leads prequalified for a carrier’s services  VG has a vast database of business customers as well as tools to instantly qualify customers for many services.   

  •  Programs that pay up front and/or residually  We offer lucrative up front commission programs as well as residual programs, almost all of which are evergreen.      

  • Automated quote processing and tracking systems   We utilize proprietary custom designed web applications to provide you with cutting edge systems for automated quote and order processing and tracking.

  • Free  private label web sites for your customers to obtain quotes   Including the ability to flag and disposition all opportunities with CRM tools built by our IT team. 

  • Business development consulting Our agent managers provide training on strengths and weaknesses of every carrier and product offerings, as well as help you to optimize your financial return on your business opportunities.     


  •  Relationships with telecommunications management organizations To complement your managed services offerings, this allows end users to outsource many routine  activities associated with telecom services to the telecommunications management platform (which can be private labeled), including bill consolidation and/or bill payment, invoice validation and contract compliance, inventory management, trouble and MACD support (for carrier services) and more. The service is guaranteed to provide a positive ROI for the end user and allows you to own the entire end user’s IT environment and help to lock out potential competitors.  It also allows customers to optimize and inventory their wireless services, and implement full mobile device management.