Services By Agent Model

Regardless of which type of agent you are, we offer customized solutions to support your business model and allow you to focus more of your time selling and generating revenue.   You do the selling, we can provide the leads, the systems and the personnel to make sure your orders get installed and paid!  See descriptions of our value proposition for each agent type to learn more. 

Door to Door

  • We vet our programs by using internal sales personnel prior to rolling them to our partner agents, allowing us to determine profitability and ensure all systems and processes work.   We know that door to door/Feet on the Street organizations need very specialized support and programs, so VG provides: upfront compensation paid in a short period of time;leads in well-defined marketing areas;  access to real time information on orders to measure productivity and profitability; high provisioning rates for properly submitted orders;ability to focus selling, recruiting and development of sales personnel, not struggling with getting orders into systems, updating order status and reconciling commissions.   VG allows a door to door agent to accomplish all of this at far lower cost and with greater success and scale than if they were to attempt to do the same thing on their own. 
  • We can provide financial assistance to qualifying agents through factoring services to speed up payment for orders.

  • Our systems tracks payment of all orders, allowing us to confirm accurate payment. The system can be used for payment of payroll,supports many different types of compensation strategies, and can be used for tracking of production and profitability for your managers at any level. Your managers and sales people can view selected reports regarding performance and commissions/compensation earned in whatever pay period you determine. We can provide personnel for order entry and provisioning support, as well as quality control teams that handle order verification and/or welcome calls.